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Miss Bacon County Forestry Scholarship Pageant®

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Georgia Forestry

Bacon County Forestry Pageant General Information

Check Off Sheet for Contestants

  1. Application form completed (typed for Teen and Miss Contestants)
  2. Teen and Miss must submit original plus 3 copies for the judges
  3. Color or Black and White wallet size photo for program book
  4. Entry Fees for all events you are entering   
  5. Ad for the program book (Everyone must sell at least 1 $25.00 ad for program book) MANDATORY!
  6. Advance Program Book monies, if you are purchasing program books in advance.
  7. Photogenic Photo if entering Photogenic Category 
  8. Rules sheet signed and sent with the application
  9. We will need a copy of your birth certificate only if your age comes into question or if you were to win the pageant, to send to the State Pageant.
  10. We will only need your social security number if you were to win the pageant, to send to the State Pageant.
  11. We will call Teen and Miss Contestants by Thursday, (Date to be announced) with their interview time.
  12. You must have all this information to the Director by (Date to be announced)
  13. Please mail entry forms and entry fees: 

Bacon County Forestry Scholarship Pageant

c/o Debi Smith

678 Catherine St

Jesup, Ga 31545



Please make all checks payable to the pageant you are entering:

Bacon County Forestry Scholarship Pageant


Please call with any questions or comments:

Debi Smith 912-530-8589


Prizes:  Official Forestry Crown, Crowning Pin, Satin Monogrammed Banner, Trophy, Savings Bonds, Cash Scholarships, and your entry fees paid to the 69th Annual Miss Georgia Forestry State Scholarship Pageant to be held in Tifton in June 2008.

Rules:  Our have not changed they are the same as always.  Our queens can compete in other pageants if they would like.  They just have to make their appearances as a Forestry Queen.  Some contestants have misinformed that if they win a Forestry Pageant that they cannot compete in other pageants.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!

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