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Georgia Forestry

Preliminary Pageant Entry Form for Teen and Miss Contestants

Application for Miss Bacon County Forestry Preliminary Pageant

"Official preliminaries to the 69th Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant, the oldest scholarship pageant in the state of Georgia"

Application for the Teen and Miss MUST submit original application and three copies for the judges.

Age Division_________________________________


Age______________  Birthday______________________  Phone Number__________________________________

Mailing Address________________________________________________________________________________________

Parents Name____________________________________________________________________________________________


Email Address___________________________________________________________________________________________

School or College________________________________________________________________________________________

Special Organizations__________________________________________________________________________________


Special Honors____________________________________________________________________________________________


Special Training_________________________________________________________________________________________


Present Occupation______________________________________________________________________________________

Previous Titles held____________________________________________________________________________________

Current Titles__________________________________________________________________________________________

Why did you enter this pageant?_____________________________________________________________________


What qualities do you posses to make a good forestry queen?____________________________________


What is your Goal in Life?______________________________________________________________________________

Why is the Forestry Unit important to our community?_______________________________________________


Platform Subject________________________________________________________________________________________

Contestants agree to hold harmless the Bacon County Forestry Unit, The Bacon County Forestry Pageant, Debi Smith, Bacon County Forestry Director, The Georgia Forestry Pageant and Educational Association, Inc., The Volunteers, The Georgia Forestry Commission, The Location of the pageant, and its holding from damages incurred through loss, theft or injury caused by or during her participation or to and from the pageant or any related events. I hereby acknowledge that I have read the official rules and regulations set forth by the Bacon County Forestry Pageant and that I will comply with them in everyway, and that the personal data that I have submitted is true and correct.  I give permission for the Bacon County Forestry Pageant and the Georgia Forestry Pageant and Educational Association, Inc. to use my daughters picture for publicity purposes.  I also understand that in the event that the directorship of the Bacon County Forestry Pageant changes prior to the end of my reign, the Bacon County Forestry director that crowns me, remains responsible for all my prizes and scholarships.  The Georgia Forestry Pageant and Educational Inc. and the newly elected director will not be responsible for these prizes.  I understand that there is a $40.00 service charge on all returned checks and that there are NO refunds unless the pageant is canceled.             Please Sign Below.

Contestant's Signature_____________________________________________________Date_______________________

Parent or Legal Guardian___________________________________________________Date_______________________

Contestant's Social Security Number_________________________________________________________________

I am entering the following events:  

Beauty (75.00)_____________ (Teen and Miss)

Good Luck Ad(25.00)______________ (One is mandatory for all contestants)

Photogenic(10.00)________________    Extra Photos (5.00 each)_________________

Prettiest Dress(10.00)___________    Prettiest Smile(10.00)__________

Prettiest Face(10.00)____________    Best Personality(10.00)__________

Program Books (5.00)__________(Please indicate How Many you would like)

Program Books are $5.00 in advance and $7.00 at the door.

Total Amount I am enclosing:________________

Make checks payable to .. Miss Bacon County Forestry Pageant..

Please print out a copy of the rules page and return with your entry form, signed..

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